Misogynoir describes the uniquely co-constitutive racialized and sexist violence that befalls Black women as a result of their simultaneous and interlocking oppression at the intersection of racial and gender marginalization. - Moya Bailey


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An open letter and living archive made in collective (re:)action from Black women, femmes, and gender non-conforming artists harmed by the 2022 Wisconsin Triennial Exhibition at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.

8/24/22: Read the Museum’s First Statement.

9/15/22: Read the Museum’s Second Statement.

9/20/22: Watch the Black Women Artists Speak Panel.

10/24/23: Read the press statement announcing MMoCA’s director’s resignation.

We, the collective

 of Artists from the 2022 Wisconsin Triennial Call For:

Formal Apologies

Both public and private, from leadership individually (i.e. Christina Brungardt, the Museum, and the Board)

Contract & Policy Review

Thorough review of artists’ contracts and museum policies, and acknowledgement of Museum’s breach of contract and policy


Acknowledgment of poorly supported exhibition, related programming, and recognition that the museum was ill-equipped to host this exhibition

Public Plan

Share a plan of action, naming steps to ensure that the public and artists are safe within this institution

Future Commitment

Inclusivity efforts for future generations, particularly for Black women, femmes, and gender non-conforming artists, within their programming


Commit to publish and share a publicly available DEI/IDEA audit of the museum

Financial Restitution

Recognition of emotional and professional damages, with priority given to Lilada Gee



Of Christina Brungardt, and all others in leadership directly responsible for decisions on communications


Immediate written promise of no retaliation (employment, financial, legal, etc.) against Fatima Laster, Annik Dupaty, or Charlotte Cummins, or any artists involved in this exhibition


A commitment from the museum to work with artists interested in drafting any next steps as paid consultants


Open-to-the-public conversation with artists regarding their work and experiences