Thanks to everyone who has reached out to support the WI Triennial artists!

Check out a few ways the community has supported us, get involved, and see who you’re standing with.

Hands post a series of awareness raising posters on a public signboard. Posters read: "MMoCA Doen'st Care," "MMoCA Isn't For Us," and "MMoCA Doesn't Care Abotu Black Art, Black Artists, Black Community."
Postering on State Street, Madison, WI.

Support & Supporters

Show Your Solidarity

Sign the Petition in Support

What: Petition in support of the Triennial Artists reiterating the calls made in our open letter.

For who: Any and all concerned should sign.

For months now, MMoCA has repeatedly failed to keep Black artists and their art safe, going as far as to deny any wrongdoing. In their own statement, the Executive Committee claims that while “MMoCA, like all museums, is grappling with historic institutional racism,” the defacement of Gee’s work “does not equate to disrespect for the Black artists or guest curator of the exhibit, nor does it point to institutional racism.” This raises the question, what definition of institutional racism best serves MMoCA’s agenda? To acknowledge that your industry is complicit in institutional racism and that you yourself are grappling with it, while insisting that harm to a Black woman artist at your institution does not count, is power protecting itself.”

Sign the UW-Madison Art & Art History Community Letter

What: Petition from UW Madison arts affiliates in support of the Triennial Artists reiterating the calls made in our open letter.

For who: Current and former students, faculty, and staff of the UW Madison Art and Art History Departments.

“MMoCA’s leadership has many things to set right, and we are writing to tell you that you will face continued public pressure until you do. We, the undersigned, are artists, curators, professors, and cultural workers with deep roots in Madison. All over Wisconsin and the world, we work for museums, residencies, foundations, conferences, studios, and art collectives; we sit on boards and chair departments; we jury and curate exhibitions, issue grants, and teach at every level of education; we review arts and culture for local and national publications; write books and exhibition catalogs; travel abroad on Fulbrights; speak on panels; show our work; collaborate, and build community.”

Join the Gallery Night Boycott

What: Gallery and business boycott of upcoming MMoCA fundraising event

For who: Galleries and businesses in solidarity with the Triennial artists.

“The artists of the 2022 Wisconsin Triennial have been seeking accountability from MMoCA for months and have not received it. We will be boycotting MMoCA Gallery Night this November.

When Black women, femme and GNC artists explain repeatedly how they have been harmed, we believe them.

We will withhold our financial and social capital from MMoCA until they meet the asks of the Triennial artists.

Stand with us in support of the artists. Do not participate in MMoCA Gallery Night.”

Social Media Solidarity

Download our support square to express your solidarity on social media.

Tap to enlarge and right-click/hold to save and download.

Download our support square to express your solidarity on social media.

Tap to enlarge and right-click/hold to save and download.

Standing With Us

Organizations Standing With Us

Organizations and Artists Boycotting Gallery Night

“More than 150 artists will be showcasing their work across 18 different venues as an alternative to the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art’s Gallery Night,” according to Melissa Perry at the Wisconsin State Journal.

Madison’s Gallery Night has been organized by MMoCA since 1987. They write: “Gallery Night offers promotional exposure for participating venues, and fosters excitement for the Madison arts scene while highlighting its many unique members.”

Organized as an alternative event, Artists’ Night is run by artists for artists. In solidarity with the artists of the Wisconsin Triennial, many participating venues (listed below) are boycotting MMoCA’s November 2022 Gallery Night. Learn more about via Communication Madison.

  • Communication Madison
    Abbie Jane Kurtz, Ava Moore, Ava Parr, Betsy Korbinyr, Finn Porter, Hillary Mitchell, Josie Schoen, Keegan Onefoot-Wenkman, Keith Phelps, Lori B, Matthew Gernandt, Meija/Maya Borowski, Natalie Branch, Paulina Ivanova, Sara Coenen, Tim Whitney, Sturgeon Amlaw, Ava Stevenson, and Green Goodies GG
    Website | Instagram
  • Giant Jones Brewing
    Website | Instagram
  • Midwest Clay Project
    Various studio members
    Website | Instagram
  • The Bodgery
    Various studio members
    Website | Instagram
  • Atwood Atelier
    Philip Salamone
    Website | Instagram
  • Mimosa Books & Gifts
    TL Luke
    Website | Instagram
  • Adriana Barrios Studio
    Adriana Barrios
    Website | Instagram
  • Fiddlesticks Knits
    KT Simmons-Uvin and Lauren McElroy/Mother of Purl
    Website | Instagram
  • red clover collective
    Ari Gochberg, Bear Cunningham, Mar Gosselar, nipinet
    Website | Instagram
  • Mad City Dream Homes
    Website | Instagram
  • The Popp Town Mall
    Emily Popp and Kel Mur
    Website | Instagram
  • Studio Campbell
    Ash Armenta, Jill H. Casid, Leah Stargardter, Lower Astronomy Studios, Anna Campbell, and friends
    Website | Instagram